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I asked him to sign my card and I didn’t think he was even going to pay attention to it but he read it and was like “YES!” and then got all cheesy and was like “sorry idk I’m weird, I like stuff like that”


#steve rogers does this thing where he smiles when he’s sad

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sebastian’s reaction to my friend ashlee's tattoo of his signature [x]

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I think that the way woman and men relate to each other is changing and I like it. Also, I think that women should lead the world. Men are idiots, including me. Women can understand what’s going on better and that’s why they are more sensitive than men. At least in my personal experience. Men are always focused on the competition, as an obsession. But I think that we could learn a lot from women [especially if we] managed problems from a feminine point of view.

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Henry Cavill and Amy Adams accept The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 2014, while in costume Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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